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Stair Core Pressurisation Systems

Vent-Guard staircase pressurisation systems are designed/installed in accordance with the relevant sections of the SCA guide, Approved Document B, BS7346-8, BS9991, BS9999, EN12101-2, EN12101-3, EN12101-6, EN12101-8, EN12101-10, ISO21927-9.

Suitable for a wide range of buildings

Pre-designed systems and products that ensure code-compliant solutions using CE certified equipment

A typical staircase pressurisation system is located within a protected stairwell to prevent smoke from contaminating the critical escape route. If the building is greater than 11m in height, the system should supply air into the stairwell at every third level and should ensure via a twin air inlet arrangement that no smoke will be drawn back into the system. Each lobby has an air release facility.

A staircase pressurisation system generally consists of a rooftop fan set and a twin air inlet duct arrangement together with a series of smoke damper and grille sets (the inlet duct size is calculated specifically to suit the building requirements). Zone control units are networked and include fire officer over-ride switches, pressure sensors and smoke detectors (or an interface connection from the landlord’s fire alarm system).