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Car Park Ventilation Systems

Vent-Guard car park ventilation systems are designed/installed in accordance with the relevant sections of the SCA guide, Approved Document B, Approved Document F, BS7346-7, BS7346-8, BS9991, BS9999, EN12101-3, EN12101-8, EN12101-10, ISO21927-9.

Suitable for a wide range of buildings

Pre-designed systems and products that ensure code-compliant solutions using CE certified equipment

Car park ventilation systems are located within covered or enclosed car parks, loading docks and service roads to remove day to day pollution from vehicular traffic and smoke in the event of a fire.

Systems generally consist of a main extract fan set, a series of impulse/induction fan units, a main system control unit with a fire officer over-ride switch, CO detectors and smoke detectors (or an interface connection from the landlord’s fire alarm system). For multi-level car parks damper and grille sets are installed between floor levels.