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Royal Arsenal Riverside, London


Berkeley Homes


Royal Arsenal Riverside, phase 9, London

Work undertaken

  • Design, supply, installation and commissioning of two mechanical block systems made up of mechanical and natural smoke shafts.
  • Mechanical shafts used for daily ventilation when not operating in fire mode.
  • Supply shaft fitted with adiabatic cooler, supply fan and 1m2 vent on roof.

  • Two-phase car park ventilation system, smoke and pollution ventilation.
  • Phase 1: utilisation of the main extraction fans at a reduced air change rate.
  • Phase 2: main control panel remains in position but the main extraction fans moved and increased to full car park duty. Additional induction fans and attenuation added during phase 2.

Equipment used

  • Zone control panels, fan control panels, MCPs, roof vents (1m2), smoke extraction fans (max 6m3/s), smoke dampers, thermostats, smoke detectors, adiabatic cooler, rain sensor, LED indication panel, supply fan and stair door actuator
  • Car park fan control panel, over-ride switches, CO detectors, fire rated isolators, smoke extraction fans, impulse fans (induction type) and smoke detectors