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Burnell House


Burnell House Development Ltd

Located in the centre of Stanmore, approximately 10 miles north-west of Central London, this former 1980s office building, with a public library at ground floor, was redeveloped into a multi-functional residential development providing 39 units for contemporary living.

Project description

NSP were employed to provide a Ventguard mechanical smoke ventilation scheme, working alongside the consultant Mendick Waring from the design inception.

CFD modelling was carried out to ensure the mechanical fan sets rated to EN12101- Part 3 were enough to protect the corridors and thus prevent smoke from entering the stair-core. With 2 alternative means of escape this development gained rapid approval and is now fully operational and safe to inhabit.

NSP would like to thank all parties for the smooth project running, flexibility and strict adherence to the SCA guidelines and EN12101 suite of documents.