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Nationwide Specialist Projects awarded IFC certification for installation of active fire protection

In further recognition of the quality of our work, we have been awarded IFC certification for the design, installation, inspection and verification of smoke control systems.

IFC is a UKAS accredited and internationally recognised provider of independent, third party certification and also a notified certification body for CE Marking under the Construction Products Directive.

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Nationwide Specialist Projects have been awarded SMAS H&S accreditation, this to work alongside all major UK House builders

This further cements the VentGuard brand, designed to provide not only optimum safety when complete and tested, but all the way through the construction process.

SMAS is a member of Safety Schemes in Procurement, SSIP. They are a H&S Assessment organisation that takes great pride in our professionalism, customer service and efficiency.

Working with many of the major UK housebuilders they have developed experience and expertise in new build construction but they also deal with many other construction organisations.

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Nationwide launch new Ventguard brochure

Our new Ventguard brochure has just been launched complete with schematic drawings and further details of our Ventguard products and process.

The brochures have been designed and written with emphasis on helping developers, specifiers and contractors.

If you’d like a hard or electronic copy, please send an email to or call us on 0121 559 4665.


The Nationwide Group continues its march to become one of the industry’s top specialists. The first quarter of 2018 broke all records for orders and saw Ventguard contributing by winning contracts for over 20 projects.


Nationwide Special Projects are involved on a regular basis in promoting the Smoke Control Association’s work to drive up industry standards

Whilst the Association has made a great deal of progress, parts of the industry are still not up to speed with CE marking and full compliance with the EN12101 suite of documents.

Ever mindful of last year’s tragic fire in London, we shall continue to stress the importance of all systems complying with all safety requirements.